Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer vacation

Seems like we spend so much time waitin' for summer to actually arrive, that when it does, we don't have the time to really enjoy it. Timing it is the problem. When do we take our holidays? How long do we take? Do we spread it out over many long weekends or make it one stretch of 2 weeks or more? In most other parts of the country, I imagine that the majority of people are pretty confident when they make their summer vacation plans. They can rely on the weather being somewhat consistent.

Here on The Rock we have a much more challenging time at choosing/guessing/gambling (whatever you want to call it) of when to make our vacation plans. This year I have decided to "wing it". I will plan to take some of my vacation in extended weekends rather than my usual one week stint here and there. I still don't know if that's a good plan or not, but at the end of the summer, or what we like to refer to as "summer", I'm sure I'll be happy that I had at least a few vacation days to enjoy. I hope!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is the grass always greener?

Why does it always seem like the grass is greener on the other side. I'm not just referring to my neighbours garden either! In everything we do, eventually it seems like the grass is always greener. Even when we get what we want, eventually we feel like it wasn't what we really wanted after all, and now we want something different. Or maybe that's just me...

Here's an example... a year ago we were too cramped having 2 offices in the same room. So I decided to finish my basement and put my office downstairs. Loved it for the first little while. However, yesterday Flo was working and the kids were home with me during the day, so I decided to use Flo's office upstairs for the day. Easier to keep an eye on the kids. And guess what... her office felt much more comfortable to me. To the point that I was ready to kick her out and relinquish her to the basement office last night! No joking.

Why is it that no matter what we think we want, it never really turns out to be exactly what we really want.... or is it just that we get bored too easily. Again, maybe it's just me. :-)