Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day Camps - Who's In Charge?

Well, this is the first week of day camp for my boys. We would have had them enrolled sooner but there was a restriction on age groups. You had to be 5 years old... and of course there was no way we could sign up Delaney without Cace. So we enrolled both of them a few weeks ago in anticipation of Cace turning 5 this past weekend.

Day 1 was excellent. Cace was very excited about "Art" class, which was a shock to both Flo and I. He had not expressed any interest in art whenever we tried to get him to draw, etc.. So we took this as a good thing.

Day 2 was not so excellent! Cace it turns out was misbehaving for the majority of the day. When Flo arrived at day camp to pick them up, she noticed Cace had a small cut over his left eye. Nobody at camp realized he had even been cut. Upon arriving home we find out that this happened shortly after being dropped off at camp that morning. He had been there almost a full day and not a single camp counsellor noticed that his left eye had a cut and was bleeding slowly. This concerned us more than the cut itself. Who is watching our children at camp? Are they watching? How is it possible not to notice a child has a cut over his eye. As you can imagine, many questions and emotions surfaced.

I took Cace to the hospital to make sure the cut didn't need glue or stitches. A month+ ago he had cut the same place when he and his brother were skylarking around on their beds. The doctors at ER glued the cut closed rather than stitching it. That is why I was concerned... because he had reopened the same cut from a month earlier. Anyhow, after an hour wait, they decided he did not need to have anything on the cut... it would heal on its own. Sometimes I wonder about these ER interns/doctors. One day they are all concerned that he will have scarring and so they glue it... the next time, they decide to let the same cut heal on its own but proceed to tell me that it will be a small scarring but not noticeable because of location. Go figure... 2 completely different opinions from the same medical system. Shocker? Not at all. Our healthcare system is so lacking right now, that nothing shocks me. But that's an entire posting on it's own.

Anyhow, I guess after a few hours all the emotion settled and we got to thinking about the whole thing. Cace is a very strong little boy and never wants to show you emotion when he gets hurt. I don't know where he gets this from, but he always tries to hide his feelings. So I believe that when he cut his eye that morning, he hid it. When asked about it, he said it was nothing, as he usually does. He does not like to garner unnecessary attention. And so he shrugged it off. However, over the course of the day he likely was irritated by the cut and the soreness, etc.. and this led to him being a little "tyrant" that day... or at least that's what I like to think happened.

Day 3 was much better and no cuts from either! Off to a good start... now let's wait and see how Day 4 is. :-)

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