Thursday, August 2, 2007

Peering out from the Dungeon!

Today while sitting here in the solitude of my dungeon (for those that do not know me, don't get the wrong idea. Flo does not have me handcuffed to the walls in a dug out trench beneath the house... although I'm sure the thought has crossed her mind many times!) I realized that I have very little sunlight coming in. And it's purposeful on my part, even though I hadn't really noticed before. I guess it's part of the whole working-from-home syndrome, that I tend to block out the light so that I don't get distracted and start wandering out the backdoor and doing work in my garden instead of doing my real job!

It's really a system that my mind has developed without my concsious taking notice. On days when it is sunny and nice outdoors, I close my blinds and on those not so nice rainy days, I oftentimes leave the blinds wide open. Is this a subconcious way of my mind dealing with distractions that could arise and disrupt my workday? Or am I just turning into a comple and utter recluse?

I guess time will tell!

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