Sunday, February 17, 2008

Damnit, another month gone by

Where did that go... another whole month slipped by again without a word. This whole blogging thing sure requires some diligence. Noone told me that was part of the deal when they told me how much fun it was blogging!!

Anyhow, here it is rounding the last curve of February and looks like we`re going to be heading north. Yup, decision has been made... we`re heading to Yellowknife. How long you ask... why you may ask... are you crazy... I`m sure all of those questions are crossing your mind right about now... don`t worry, they crossed mine a hundred times in the past month!!

I have accepted a job which I feel to be the best opportunity to come around for me in my career to date. It is one of those proverbial `forks in the road`of life where you know things are probably never going to be the same again once you`ve made the decision. And that`s quite likely the case here too. I hope they will be for the better for all of us. I know that I am making the right move from a career perspective, and even from a family perspective. The whole travelling consultant life has lost it`s lustre for me, and I have no desire to be away from my children 5 of 7 nights per week anymore.

The hard part is family, and by that I mean our extended families. More on that in future posts... for now I`ve used up my word allotment for the day!! ;-) ttys


Steve said...

Well, Davie. BIG move!

You'll have to rename your blog from "1/2 hour later" to "20 degrees colder".

Good luck... and keep us all up to date!!!

YourBootStraps said...

Yessir.. 20 degrees colder and humpteen miles further! Should be an interesting experience for all of us, that I'm sure of!

Any regrets on your move to NB?